Thursday, July 15, 2010


I love to refashion! I originally stumbled upon blogs and the world of blogging through looking around on the internet into refashioning clothing. It's a great way to save money and go green! I thought I would share some of the refashions that I have done! 

This started off as .49 shirt i got from Salvation Army! It still had the tags on it! 
Our Salvation Army has a sale every Saturday and from 5-8pm the color of the week is .49!

This hoodie also came from Salvation Army! My sister bought this for me and it was a Medium so it was a bit too big on me so I took in the sleeves and the sides and it was a perfect fit! The ruffles were from a white shirt that I cut up!

I made this skirt from a man's shirt! I bought the shirt from goodwill. 

This isn't a refashion but thought I would share it anyways :) This was my first pattern. ever. (besides the ones we used in home-ec in middle school) I got it from Joann's during one of their .99 sale! The fabric was purchased from Walmart for 1.00/yard! My mom purchased this fabric awhile back and it's just been sitting in a closet. I used it since it was my first pattern and not that big of a loss if it didn't turn out.

I made this belt using leftover material from my skirt, some ribbon I had on hand and some 1.5 inch wide elastic. Super easy to make! 

Hope you enjoyed my refashions! 

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  1. So many pretty things! Your blog looks great too :)